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Custom Made to Your Colors and Themes

Your Logo or Photo Printed on Cookies, M&Ms

Cookies Cookie Cakes Cakes Personalized M&Ms

Cookies and Desserts for Your Occasion.  

Items are made to order using your color scheme or theme. Some gluten free and sugar free items are available upon request.

Menu is representative of popular items. Other cookies, cakes and desserts available upon request.

To Place Your Order Call: 321-259-2897

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Cookies - Chips Galore, drop size 2” to 3”

                   Logo Cookies

                   Macaroons, Shortbread, Sugar Cookie Cut Outs

                   Dipped Oreos,


Cakes - Layer Cakes, Character Cakes, customized

Cookie Cakes - 14” round, customized

Cupcakes - Regular size and Mini size

Cake Balls or Pops - Dipped in Chocolate, Sprinkles or Drizzle